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PelviCore is conveniently located in the Town of Vienna in Fairfax County, VA in the suburbs of Washington, DC. We are just minutes from Route 66 (Nutley Street exit) and Tyson’s Corner and 2 miles from the Vienna Metro station.  We are easily accessible from I-495 (Capital Beltway), Route 50 (Arlington Blvd.), Route 29 (Lee Highway), and Route 267 (Dulles Toll Road).

In March 2012, PelviCore relocated to Church Street NW just off Maple Avenue. The new location is right across the street (Maple Ave) from our former location just behind Marco Polo Restaurant and Bank of America.  It is located on the one-way portion of Church Street and must be accessed via Pleasant Street, not Lawyers Rd. (Note: The office is not on the busy, two-way section of Church Street NE where the shops and restaurants are located, but on the other side of Lawyers Road.)
PelviCore Physical Therapy
243 Church St., NW, Suite 100-B
Vienna, VA 22180

Phone/Fax: (571) 313-5785

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  • Does PelviCore participate with any insurance companies?
In order to devote more time to each patient and provide superior, one-on-one care that is not limited by insurance company restrictions, PelviCore does not participate with insurance. But, patients who have out-of-network benefits can submit to their insurance on their own and get reimbursed directly.  At the time of payment at each visit,  the patients receive a detailed receipt, complete with diagnosis and procedure codes, to be included with their claim form. 
Patients with Medicare as their primary insurance CANNOT be treated at PelviCoreunfortunately, and will need to go to a Medicare provider for their care.  If Medicare is their secondary insurance, however, then they can be treated at PelviCore.

  • What if I don't have out-of-network benefits or no insurance at all?
Dr. Pesavento never turns away a patient in need.  Please call to discuss your options.

  • Do I need a prescription to start physical therapy?
Dr. Pesavento is Direct Access certified, meaning she is allowed by the Commonwealth of Virginia to see patients without a prescription for 14 business days, after which time a prescription is required to continue therapy.  This will enable you to start physical therapy quicker without having to wait for an appointment to see your physician.  This also will allow her to examine and diagnose your problem so she may refer you to the appropriate physician as necessary.   If you already have a prescription from your physician, then you're a step ahead of the game.  If you plan on asking your physicians for a PT script and are interested in dry needling, please ask for that to be included on the script.

  • How often are patients seen?
Patients are typically seen once per week, depending on their diagnosis and the schedule.

  • Do you treat body parts other than the pelvis?
Please e-mail or call to inquire about your specific problem.​

  • Do you treat both women and men?
PelviCore is a practice specifically dedicated to women's health.  Males patients looking for a provider can visit http://www.womenshealthapta.org/pt-locator/.
Cash, checks, and credit cards accepted
About Pelvic PTAbout PelviCoreAbout Dr. Kathy PesaventoWhat Patients SayContact / FAQ's

The office is handicap accessible and located on the first floor, walk-in level from the parking lot.  Ample parking and handicap spots available.

PelviCore Physical Therapy                      243 Church St., NW, Suite #100-B, Vienna, VA 22180             (571) 313- 5785
PelviCore is located on the street level in a handicap accesible office.
Comfortable waiting area with private restroom.
Private, serene treatment environment for one-on-one care.
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