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“Kathy (Dr. Pesavento) is an incredibly gifted pelvic physical therapist.  I had gone through most of my adult life believing I just had to live with the pain and discomfort of chronic constipation and gas, until one doctor diagnosed my pelvic floor dysfunction and sent me to PT.   Kathy's treatment approach immediately demonstrated her breadth and depth of knowledge and practice in the field of pelvic PT.   Looking at my issues holistically, Kathy employed numerous avenues of therapy, integrating those that worked best into my treatment plan, and varying her precise methods based on the response from the prior visit.   Her dedication to continuing education classes gives her new insights and tools with which to explore the best possible treatment paths for each client.  

Kathy is extremely sensitive, which quickly allayed my fears, anxieties and embarrassment.  She talks through her treatment approach with me overall, as well as session by session, making me an active participant in my therapy.  Kathy conducts her therapy with the utmost professionalism, all the while being very personable and sharing a sense of gentle humor.  No longer am I relegated to "putting up with" a condition, for which I will always be grateful.”

- Ms. SS
"As a result of surgery on my legs and lower abdomen area, I was experiencing excruciating pain during intercourse, and, after bouncing around between my surgeon, my gynecologist, and two physical therapists and obtaining no relief, I had decided that my sex life was over for good.   Then I found Kathy Pesavento!  At my first appointment Kathy gave me a thorough exam, taking  my relevant medical history and giving me gentle external and internal examinations.  She then explained with diagrams and models  that the severe pain I was experiencing, although not at the direct site of the surgery, was the result of scarring and lesions from the surgery, much of which I was not even aware of.  She started work on me there and then and I continued to see her on a weekly basis while she worked on my scar tissue, organs, muscles and vagina.  Within six weeks of treatment , the pain during intercourse became tolerable, and within twelve weeks it was positively enjoyable again.  I still see Kathy once a week and am now almost 100% pain-free. Kathy is one in a million.  She's well-informed about the latest therapies, gentle and caring, and passionate and dedicated about what she does.  I feel blessed to have found her."
- Ms. JZ
Chronic Constipation and Gas
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Post-operative scarring
Dyspareunia (Painful Sex)
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Patient Testimonials
“I had been suffering from severe pelvic pain for two and a half years, which prevented me from having sex and caused me to curtail all exercise.  Having seen over a dozen different doctors, including a full physical at the Mayo Clinic, with no diagnosis, I learned of Dr. Goldstein’s practice and was immediately diagnosed with pelvic floor dysfunction.  I began weekly physical therapy sessions with Kathy Pesavento and the results were immediate.  She found severely knotted muscles in the pelvic floor which required therapy to be dissipated.  Within 3 months of beginning physical therapy I was completely pain-free and have resumed all normal activity.  It was honestly a life-changing experience and I am very grateful to Kathy.  If I hadn’t found her I would probably have looked for a surgical alternative to stop the pain, which would have been completely unnecessary and unsuccessful.”
- Ms. LB
Although you may wish talk to friends or family to get advice about your problems and what to do, some people feel that their problems are too personal to share.
"I was referred to Dr. Kathy Pesavento for a severe pelvic floor dysfunction.  She understands these issues well and I immediately began to see improvement as a result of her therapy.  She is professional, compassionate, empathetic, extremely well educated and a highly skilled specialist.  She has gone out of her way to provide quality, one-on-one care and has recommended other experts where she finds that other areas might be impacting my condition.  There is no doubt that her therapy has been the reason for my continued improvement.  I highly recommend her services - she's the best!
- Ms. LS
Pelvic Floor Dysfunction
Dyspareunia (Painful Sex)
Pelvic Pain
Dyspareunia (Painful Sex)
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Lyme Disease
Back, Hip, and Neck Pain
"Dr. Pesavento is a hands on therapist, specializing in pelvic floor issues. I didn't know what that was when I started seeing her for back and hip issues, but I do now. She is amazingly effective; successful in ways that no one has been for me in a decade!  Today is the first time I could walk up and down the stairs somewhat normally–  I haven’t done the stairs like this in over a year . . . .

Dr. Pesavento has helped me tremendously in such a short time in comparison to anything else I have ever tried. . . . I am so grateful to her . . . . she is talented and, I believe, gifted from God."
- Ms. SR
"I had been suffering from a pulled/strained groin muscle and a lower back injury for over a year.  As someone who craves exercise I was depressed by my limited movement and the pain.  I consulted an orthopedic surgeon who took x-rays and said I had arthritis and prescribed numerous drugs which I choose not to take because it wasn’t clear what they all were for, and I found it hard to believe that I instantly had arthritis.  I then went to an Osteopath who was helpful with the back injury, but the groin pull continued to hinder my ability to exercise.  My husband and I had planned a hiking trip for the summer and I was desperate to be able to participate, so I scheduled some appointments with Kathy Pesavento who I had found on the web.  She not only listens carefully to your issues and goals, she also carefully evaluates your status.  I was impressed by her constant evaluation and re-evaluation, she was always looking for the best therapy for the particular problem.  I really liked the fact that she didn’t just assume she knew what the problem was and prescribe a cookie-cutter solution.  The upshot is after various therapies and lots of stretching I was able to enjoy hiking for 4 days in the Alps with no pain! Thanks."

- Ms. KT
Pelvic Floor Dysfunction/ Painful Sex
(Tightness and pain did not allow full penetration)

Goal:  Patient wanted to get pregnant
Result:  She was pregnant within 3 weeks of starting physical therapy
"Dr. Pesavento is truly a miracle worker to say the least.  I was married for two years and could not enjoy having sex with my husband at all as I was having terrible pain and tightness.  I learned of pelvic PT on the web and found Dr. Pesavento through the APTA website.  

From the first visit itself, Dr. Pesavento was very professional yet caring and understanding, and very knowledgeable.  I had no apprehensions telling her how I felt however embarrassing I thought it might sound from the start.  After just two visits and practicing my exercises daily at home, I was immediately able to have sex with my husband almost 100% pain free.  After just a couple more visits, I was truly able to enjoy the experience with him instead of feeling afraid that it would hurt.  This was truly amazing for both me and my husband! I owe Dr. Pesavento all the success to my happily married life and for being there for me when I most needed someone."
- Mrs. JD
Groin Pull/ Thigh Pain-- treated with Dry Needling
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About Pelvic PTAbout PelviCoreAbout Dr. Kathy PesaventoWhat Patients SayContact / FAQ's

"Pelvicore Physical Therapy is an absolute gift for any woman suffering with pelvic pain issues. The owner, Dr. Kathy Pesavento, is a proven, caring, diligent, miracle-worker of a physical therapist. When I was experiencing severe pelvic pain after I had my second child, Dr. Pesavento came to my rescue. She scheduled me for an initial visit within two weeks of my call. After listening very carefully to my concerns and reviewing my medical history, she performed some initial evaluations and spent considerable time informing me of her practice and how she thought she could help me. We then established a schedule of visits and now I am almost completely pain free. 

Dr. Pesavento is by far the best health practitioner I have ever used. She always listens to me and to my concerns. She thoroughly explains every move she makes and why she is doing it. She answers every question and always makes sure I am comfortable with her therapy recommendation before proceeding.

Dr. Pesavento is also one of only a handful of PTs in the area who focus on the pelvic area. Moreover she may be the only one who is certified to perform "dry needling" which is somewhat like acupuncture, but more involved. It sounds much scarier than it actually is, and for me, it was the only thing that actually worked to resolve my pain issues.

Unlike most doctors, Dr. Pesavento did not just try the most popular method and give up when that didn't work for me. Rather, she took the time to explore some other techniques and made recommendations about stretches and "homework" that I could do at home to help relieve my pain. She was genuinely interested in me, in my health, in my family life, and ultimately in returning me to a pain-free life.  

On a more logistical note -- her office is small, quiet and calming. As a sole practitioner she basically only needs a small treatment area and has 2 changing rooms. Everything is warmly and tastefully designed and presents a very tranquil atmosphere. Plus, there is always soft music in the background. More like a spa than a therapy treatment! Her schedule is often very booked, however, because she only treats patients 3 days a week. There is plenty of free parking around her office in Vienna.  

I cannot recommend Pelvicore or Dr. Pesavento more highly!​"
- Ms. RJ
Pelvic Pain/Pelvic Floor Dysfunction-- treated with Dry Needling
Pelvic Floor Dysfunction
Dyspareunia (Painful Sex)
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"Kathy Pesavento is an amazing and knowledgeable PFPT. She teaches exercises, how to use physical therapy tools, relaxation and much more. She is an expert at dry needling and finding the origin of pain in your body so she is working on the source and not just treating symptoms.

Kathy has a strong background in orthopedics as well and her knowledge in that area as is limitless. She has fitted me for orthotics and worked with me on posture and stance.

I've known Kathy for about five years now and have used her several times for a variety ofl reasons during that time. I can personally testify as to her credentials, knowledge and expertise, (which she is willing to share) compassion, patience, tenacity and willingness to help. She is such a comfortable person to work with.  

I can't say enough good things about her.

Great news - and now Kathy can work with you through telehealth.."
- Ms. CH
Gastrointestinal Pain & PFD/ Post-operative Scar adhesions-- treated with Dry Needling